Thursday, 14 August 2008

He's the Devil in Disguise!

My beautiful, smart, clean little bow wow decided to prove a point today.
Firstly he decided to help himself to the pigs ear (not a real one I might add) I had for him in his treats box. Then he chased it around the living room by throwing it, barking at it and running and grabbing it, tail wagging. Then he decided to bury it - in his bedding.
20 minutes later, after the simulated digging of dirt with his nose, he was satisfied that it was hidden from me....
He had a mad half hour in the garden, running around in circles like a rocket, obviously very pleased with himself, then he decided that the hiding place was not quite good enough.
He trotted in and 'dug' his 'piggy' back up from his bedding and strolled back outside, all very nonchalant and that, but I knew from past experience that this could mean a whole maggoty mess of nastiness in a few months time if I did not watch what was going on.
Down the garden he went and found the muddiest mucky spot he could next to the bag of old grass cuttings and started to dig a shallow grave for the unfortunate treat. He then covered it, using his nose as a shovel to ensure it could not be seen by anyone and therefore keeping it safe for later.
Well this is what strolled in 20 minutes later....

I left it a couple of hours, took him for his evening walk and on returning dug the treat back up so that it did not have time to turn nasty and gooey!
He was not impressed and sulked for 45 minutes!
In other words - 'DON'T MESS WITH ''THE FRED'' mom!'

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Margaret said...

Fancy spoiling Fred's fun - talk about mean!! I can see why you want to 'deck the garden!