Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Haircut 100 ...

Today was haircut day for my boy.

As Paul is on nights and I am at work he has been booked in at the same time as Hamish and so Aunty Sally-Ann and Uncle Mike are taking him with them and H.
I know that we have never put them in a 5 together but they are used to being in the boot of the 'Pash' together so on this basis we tried Fred on the parcel shelf on Thursday evening for the first time. We need to be sure they can sit in comfort together.
Lets just say he LOVED LOVED LOVED it up there.
Probably because he had a good view of the road and the other drivers!

I got a text at 10am to say that they were sharing the parcel shelf and being complete angels!
Hamish is on the left and Fred is on the right.
And once they are home the loving continues....
even down to sharing their bowls of milk!
AAAHHHH! Family!


Allycat said...

I love the haircuts. I was about to post a photo of the haircut I gave shilo but am a little embarrassed after seeing how handsome Fred and Hamish look!

Margaret said...

Love the photos of Fred & Hamish - thanks for the e-mail photos!

Joanne said...

Thanks Ally and Mom
Yes Fred and H are always getting compliments in the street.
They are soooo handsome, but then I'm biased!