Monday, 11 August 2008

Spending Spree.... Yippeee!

So this week we are out and about doing our usual thing - with no plan in mind for filling our days for a change - when we happen upon the latest back to school deal at Tesco for laptops.
Now as you all know I have been desolate to say the least without my laptop surgically attached to my fingertips and this, as they say, was too good a deal to pass up, even so we walked away from them and about 10 minutes later, after giving ourselves a good talking to, went back to the end gondola where they were winking away at us and picked up the box to buy one.
Hurrah! I'm back in business and just need my family tree removing from the damaged laptop of old and placing on this one and I'm well away! I told myself it was my 40th Birthday present I'm just keeping my fingers crossed I'll get a little money for my Birthday to put towards it. YES I KNOW - It's not until October but I couldn't resist.
and then......
Whilst in Truro on Sunday we did it again - having lost the lead to our camera about 5 months ago so that we can no longer charge it, we have been using our mobile phones to take all our pictures - and then the Jessops Sales signs appeared in front of us...... need I say more.

Anyway just to prove how wonderful it is here are a few pictures of the only flowering plants I have in my garden at them moment.....

Such fantastic pictures don't you think...... You couldn't do that on a mobile phone!

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