Saturday, 16 August 2008

Fireworks on the Fal

It's that time of year again, and if you are an avid reader of my blog you will know this is a regular trip that we make each year.

At the end of Falmouth yachting week there are celebratory fireworks, and we take advantage of that. We take over a boat and sail up the Fal, past St Mawes, the Roseland and Trelissik, and as the sun sets and darkness begins to fall we turn the boat around and return to Falmouth Harbour where we anchor up to enjoy the fireworks from the water, before returning to the dock and back to dry land.

It's always a really lovely evening, broken up by a very welcoming hot Cornish Pasty to fill a gap in our bellies.

The weather was threatening to be really nasty, however with our waterproofs in our backpack and a flask of hot chocolate to keep us warm, we were prepared for anything. We needn't have worried, the weather held off and despite a brisk breeze whipping up, it was a really fantastic evening with many friends, and five club members.

We saw many lovely boats and yachts including this coastguard ship.

A lovely evening with my hubby ( and his goatee!)

Fireworks at the end of the evening were spectacular, however I have to admit, this is not one of my photo's - the shutter speed was so slow I kept blurring them!

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