Saturday, 5 July 2008

Saturdays Event

A very wet night but a good breakfast can make everything good....

Saturday was a complete wash out rain wise and only 5 cars turned up on our stand to exhibit.

We abandoned the stand at 16.00 and evacuated back to the tent.
As Sally-Ann and Mike went up in their RV (because of the club gazebo and paraphernalia that go with running a car club) they were all warm and cosy, so we planted ourselves in their 'living room' and enjoyed their company until we thought it was safe to brave the wind and rain to get to our tent next door...

Well Paul slept fine - he wore ear plugs!

For Fred and I it was a different matter - at one point we thought the tent had blown into the next field and he curled up in my sleeping bag with me, just as scared as I was until the gales dropped, but by that time of course he was sound asleep with his head on my pillow!

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