Sunday, 6 July 2008

Washed Out and Rained Off

Sunday dawned - and that's about as good as it got!

The rain and gales had left everything mud washed and drenched and it was still going albeit as drizzle.

We had our breakfast, and then had to decamp and repack everything into the 5, despite it being a soggy mess, as we had to be off the camping area by 10.30 and onto the club exhibit stand.

Paul is concerned that the car needs a clean before we get onto the stand...

Then we heard a little voice call through the tent wall as I was placing the bacon on the cook - we are abandoning the day and returning to Cornwall - HURRAY!

Double Hurrah - the event organisers, Crash Box, have also cancelled the entire days events - at least we weren't wimping out unnecessarily!

This of course now meant that we had no deadline to pack up the wet kit and could do it leisurely.

We learnt from Fridays mistakes - I wore Mikes waterproof trousers and my green wellington boots and Paul stripped off - it easier to towel try skin was his theory!

We got everything down and in the car (- but mainly in the RV for speed) and headed off to Cornwall, and home.

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