Friday, 4 July 2008


Today is the start of our fortnight's holiday.

We are spending 2 nights (tonight and tomorrow) camping at Powderham Castle at the 35th Historical Vehicle Gathering which is organised by crashbox.

We attended last year with the Cornish MX-5 Owners Club and it went so well we decided to do it again this year.

We arrived in the pouring rain and gale force winds on Friday evening and then had to put up the tent.

Needless to say we got soaked through to the skin and were now in a position of only having one more set of clothes that were actually dry - well I ask you - can you fit a wardrobe of clothes into an MX5 along with a 2 bed tent and an excitable dog?

Meanwhile, Fred was with our friends in the RV living the life of luxury...

Fred's the one on the left and Hamish is on the right - Fred loves his Uncle Mike, so H just doesn't get a look in!

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