Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Info Finding Day...

My friend at work wanted to find out about a ship that saved her Dad during the Second World War, when his went down after a mine hit.

She was not doing too well in finding anything out, so I asked Sally-Ann and Mike to try some of their famous detective work.

That was yesterday....

Today, by 10.30, they'd sent me 4 emails at work with links to pictures, details of exactly where the ship went down, the names of the ships that performed the rescues and the fact that a commemorative bronze plaque was placed on the ship by divers in 2000!

They are a marvel!

Anyway, after work they came over and we had a very civilized G&T /red wine in the garden under the sun Brolly - YES THE SUN IS SHINING AND IT'S VERY VERY HOT!

I Love Cornwall!

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