Friday, 6 June 2008

I'm Back!

Finally - Well our broadband provider completely stuffed up and cancelled our contract in error and then proceeded to tell us it would be a month before we could be reinstated as customers!

Needless to say, after many very irate telephone calls we binned them off! Never use citrus coloured broadband providers - GGGRRR!

Now sparkly and new with the wonderful people who have a monopoly on providing phone lines to every UK household we have a better and I must say very much faster service. For those of you who have not got my new email address, I'm sorry - I'm trying to remember who I've told and who I haven't!

So it is time to update you on what has happened since the middle of May - I'll do it as quickly as possible I promise.

17 May 2008
Today the heavens opened and I could not believe how much rain fell in such a short space of time...
And you guessed it a few hours later we were in sun tops!

Also today Paul started to put together the bits to replace the sink and loo in the bathroom:

The Loo took shape on the lounge room floor and the the old one came out of the bathroom....

The new vanity unit is fitted in place of the old sink

and then the loo gets placed into position and finally fitted - this took a lot longer than expected as there were some really tricky pipework problems to overcome.

Finally we found a bath panel that we thought would go - needless to say as you can see it looked like a complete mish mash of finishes so it went back today and a nice new matching one was put in its place.

Now all that is left to do is the tiling around the bath and laying of the flooring which we bought last weekend. I'll picture the finished article so it can be seen once it's complete.

And finally....
03 June 08

Loads more has happened to the old hospital - there are now 3 apartments being lived in and the landscaping has been started.

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