Sunday, 11 May 2008

Roseland Run

The day dawned foggy, damp and dreary for the Sunday morning '5' drive.

Based on yesterdays weather I knew it would probably burn off later, so I went prepared... I put on a little summer vest top, with a polo necked jumper on top of that and a Winter mac on top of that - I also put my rain mac in the boot!
We all met on the Probus bypass in the lay by at 10.15 and were amazed that the cars ran to 25 in total - it was a very jammed lay by before we left it!

Needless to say before we left the bypass I was down to the vest top - the heat had burned off the fog and the day was going to be fabulous

Off we went in convoy making a stop for coffee en route

The main stop was at Caerhays Castle and Gardens, at lunchtime - with the weather blue skies and about 26 degree's it was lovely to sit on the lawn with a picnic

and wander around the gardens

And this is where I go all David Attenburgh and take loads of plant pictures, but the colours were glorious and I couldn't help myself!

At this point we left the rest of the fivers for their afternoon drive , so that we could get back to poor old Fred, home alone on this boiling hot day, he certainly shot into the garden fast enough so we couldn't have got home at a more appropriate moment I think!
A fantastic day in all, despite me looking like boiled lobster from the sun burn - for those who drive topless, so to speak, don't forget the suncream - Trust Me I won't again!

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