Sunday, 25 October 2009

Daylight Saving Sunday Afternoon

Whilst we were at Asda this avo. I had a text from Sally-Ann to see if we would like to take the boys to the beach at Godrevy, as the tide should give us plenty of beach.
And so we headed on back from Falmouth and picked Fred up, followed by Sally-Ann, Mike and Hamish, and headed over to the National Trust car park by the Godrevy cliffs.

The weather was perfect, and we were thrilled to see all of the seals, and their baby's on the beach below us - I tried counting, got to 76 and gave up, as some of them are out of view from this spot...

such a lovely day, could not go by without an ice-cream, and so with a little arm twisting (not) Mike treated us all to some lovely Cornish ices

and what were the seals doing during all of this indulgence - they were still sunning themselves in the cove!

A lovely afternoon,, but as we drive back home, the downside of daylight savings time hits us - it's 5.30pm and starting to get dark already - Boo!


Lori E said...

I think they (whomever they are?)have changed our daylight savings to November. Hmmm I had better look into that so I am not late for coffee group. Ha.

Bug said...

I need to look into when the clocks change, almost forgot about that little detail, lol. Looks like a good time. Thanks for your sweet comment. I'm feeling much better now :)

jordiegirl said...

Hi Joanne

Another lovely post.

I noticed you have a blog entitled Nowt as strange as folk (a bit of a Geordie saying there if I may say) but when I tried to access it I was denied! Any reason?

Joanne said...

Hi Jordiegirl - Yes I do have a secondblog, but I'm afraid it is locked to anyone elses access, as I use it to rant and rage on - I tell you what - you sure feel better once whatever is hastling you is down on paper (or rather laptop) LOL