Saturday, 24 October 2009

An Update On My Dilema

The decision is made....

The static caravan is on the market, despite the ridiculously huge commission that is being asked to sell it for us.

NO - we are not having an RV, we are going for a touring caravan - the one thing I said I would never do, but have been surprisingly amazed by how good they are these days.

Fingers crossed, and I'll keep you all updated, as your comments have been a huge help.

Thanks for the comments, emails and telephone calls x

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jordiegirl said...

Hi Joanne

I'm pleased to hear the decision is made.

Friends of ours have a lovely touring caravan - they are quite luxurious these days. They started off many years ago with a secondhand one, then changed it for a new one a few years back (probably longer than I think - as time flies). They had 2 shelties at the time so it was a convenient way to take them on holidays with them. Latterly they have lost both dogs and don't use their caravan much these days, in fact as we speak they are on a Mediterranean cruise!!! lucky things.

At least with a touring caravan you don't have to drive around with it attached to your car all the time whereas if you have an RV and don't have a 2nd car you have to use it all the time and I expect they can be a bit of a pain to park up in car parks etc, not mention quite heavy on petrol.

When our neighbours got their camper van they were going to buy a small car as well as a run around but now that they are retired they didn't bother. They either go out in the camper van or walk up to town or get the bus and of course have bus passes now in any case. Even when they go away they often leave the camper van at the site and jump on local buses to get around instead.