Saturday, 8 August 2009

A Very Busy Day - Gardens, Kitchens and Exhibits

Saturday morning and the sun is shining and its 21 degrees at 10 am!

Out I went to mow the lawn and weed around my lovely planter, that is now filling up and packing out with amazing speed, considering what it looked like just after Paul made it. Check out my other posts under the garden label - you'll be amazed!

Whilst I was outside, catching the much needed sunshine, Paul had decided it was about time he tried to get a bit more of the kitchen done. Yes I know that we started this project in April, but hey! Life happens around us and some things become more important than a perfectly completed kitchen. Paul had to do a few weeks of night shift, we had a lovely two week holiday, and to be honest we were just DIY'd out for a while! LOL.

Once the metal support strap had been fixed to the wall, the 'floating' cabinets were placed into position, along with the chrome support leg, which looks like it's just there to be pretty, but is actually, helping to take the weight of the cabinets, so that when they are full, I don't have to worry about them collapsing!

And..... Hey presto - floating wall units - Isn't my man wonderful!

Although, it looks finished, there is actually still rather a lot to do, grouting of tiles, fixing of under unit lighting, skirting board, architrave, radiator.... the list goes on, but it is really looking great now.

We took a break this afternoon, so that we could attend the Tramways exhibit in Portreath, detailing all of the background history for last weeks celebrations

The organisers had worked really hard on the celebrations and the exhibit and even had a working model of the tramway line showing how it worked up and down the 250 foot incline it was faced with each time it was in use.

There were beautiful photo's of the ships that frequented the harbour, and we were lucky enough to meet Captain Greenslade, a lovely chap, who was so knowledgeable about how life had been in Portreath all those years ago.

He graciously agreed to be photographed with a picture of the ship be captained, the SS Isleman.

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melanie said...

Lovely, not only a great kitchen but great pics of the exhibition, lovely lovely lovely, thanks for sharing!