Friday, 7 August 2009

Genealogy and Sunsets

Today it was time to get a gear on, and actually find out where a particular family in my family tree appear in various census.

This family line has been the bain of my life for the past 3 plus years, as we have just not been able to get any further back, and every now and again my frustration gets the better of me and the hunt starts all over again.

Mike and Sally-Ann came over, with the intention of Paul and Mike doing the brakes on their Mk1 MX5, whilst Sally-Ann and I do a little family history research.

Unfortunately the final part they needed did not arrive on time so the cars brakes were put on hold. This meant that there were two very bored husbands watching on as Sally-Ann and I shrieked each time we found something new on our respective lap tops that would lead up further back in time for my family line. Bless them!

We did really well in our hunt and actually made quite good headway, along with a potential relative on Genes Reunited.

After we had eaten, we headed down the Portreath Beach with the dogs

The sun was just dropping into the sea as we arrived....

A lovely end to the evening


Lori E said...

Oh Jo that is such an amazing sunset. Okay enough of that lets get to the important part...who are you looking for and can I help. I am so addicted to genealogy research I can't pass up a puzzle.

Joanne said...

Thanks Lori
It's been driving us mad - we found loads yesterday but this chap just drops off the charts for a couple of census records!
Henry Oaten b1832 Pitminster Somerset. Married Elizabeth Current b28 October 1829, Westbuckland in Somerset(or Cunnett depending on how the census was transcribed)
My sticking point is his father James Oaten no DOB yet, he marries a Sarah ( I think it may be Blackmore) - but cannot find James parents etc - I have a tribal page - I will update it with the new info I found yesterday, and you can have a squizz if you like.... Happy hunting - I know I'm getting grey hairs from them! LOL x

Joanne said...
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Lori E said...

Joanne, I looked for an email address but didn't find one. Well just a little bit of stuff to start with.
I don't think Sarah was necessarily James Oaten's first wife. Paillot's Marriage records don't show any records of them. Why do you think her name was Blackmore? Why don't you email me and we will do this through email.

jordiegirl said...

Hi Jo

Yes researching the family tree is very exciting. I'm the same as you, I am stuck on my great great grandfather, can't find his birth, or his first wife, but have his 2nd and the family and also have his death even been to his grave!!! I know his father's name was Edward too. That's about it. His age differs from census to the grave which doesn't help at all. Have done some cross-referencing on census returns and am beginning to think he may have been a bigamist!!!!!! No proof yet though wouldn't be surprised as we have a few skeletons in our family closet I can tell you.

I have to go away and start researching someone else and keep heading back over to him as I end up with my brain just going round in circles!!!!!

Good luck with your quest.

The syders said...

Beautiful sunset!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome back to blogland...Really pleased to be back and catching up on everyones blogs.

Gingeyginge said...

Thank you for your lovely comment...your sunsets are so beautiful