Friday, 17 July 2009

Happy 40th Karen x

Today we took the long drive up from the caravan in Somerset to Tamworth in Staffordshire. The reason? Paul's sister, Karen, is 40 today.

We arrived at lunchtime, and headed for the Fort Shopping Park to grab a snack and a quick look to see what had changed if anything in the 2 and a half years we have been away.

Needless to say, we stayed about 15 minutes and then headed off to the Ladybridge in Tamworth to get our food there.

After an enjoyable lunch, we headed off to see one of our friends and her little son before heading off to meet up with Paul's Mom (who had been working up until now).

After supper, we had a little drive back over to Fazeley from Walmley, so that we could see Karen on her birthday.

On arrival, Paul and Karen got all emotional - it's lovely they can be together today...

What a wonderful surprise we got - That morning, Dave had asked her to marry him!

Of course this meant that we had to have a drink to celebrate, and two glasses Baileys later both Marg and I were feeling a little bit squiffy to say the least!

Poor Paul then had to get us back to Walmley, so that we could crash out before the official party tomorrow afternoon.

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jordiegirl said...

Lovely family gathering for you Joanne and lovely news on Karen's birthday.

Happy 40th to her.