Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year for 2009 :)

Happy New Year to all of my friends, family and blog readers.......

Today started the year off nicely. It was very brisk in freezing coold terms, but it was dry and sunny, and we had a five run to enjoy around the Roseland Peninsular.

We met on the Tesco's car park at St Austell - 11 cars in total, picking another couple up, that were running late, en-route out of the car park.

Mike and Sharon had not actually set a run, as this was to be around their own back yard so to speak, and Mike knows the roads well enough to 'wing-it'.

I've no idea where we were at this point, I think it was Portloe? but the cars just appeared in full view ahead and behind, so I could not resist the snaps, below:

The plan was to do a 2 hour drive, stop in St Mawes for lunch and then do a bit more on the afternoon.
As we did not take Fred with us we decided to return once we stopped for the lunch break.

We left everyone in St Mawes and headed back via the King Harry Ferry ....

Now I'm ready for my dinner! A lovely start to what will hopefully be a great year.

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