Sunday, 15 June 2008

Trebah Gardens

This afternoon after visiting Mel, we stopped off and picked up Fred, before heading of to Trebah Gardens.
As you enter through the visitors centre your first view is of this lovely sculpture/water feature

You can follow various routes and the first we took brought us to this beautiful little blue bridge, were we did the obvious photo opportunity!

First Paul and Fred, then Me and Fred!

The view over the valley down to the cove was breathtaking

There was a Koi pond and the fish obviously enjoy the visitors coming as they came straight to us hoping for a feed - no wonder they were so big and fat!

As you followed the path the bay came into view and Fred stopped to admire it from afar...

We came across a cascade of water, not that you can see much of it with my bonce in the way

and once more Fred inspected the lily pond. Sorry Fred, no monsters in there for you to eat!

We had a leisurely afternoon wandering around the glorious gardens, with Fred in his element with all of the new sniffs he was able to find.
We stopped and had some lunch in their cafe-which I have to say was a really enjoyable meal and then continued on for another hour or so in the gardens.
We had a lovely day, and would like to Thank Dee, as she gave us some free passes that she had to gain us entry

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