Sunday, 15 June 2008

Fathers Day - Sunday 15th June 2008

Today is Fathers Day and as will all good traditions this means stupid cards and even sillier presents - well it does in our family anyway!
So here are the men in question:
This is Mel, my father in law, he gives very good hugs and certainly knows how to make you laugh. As he bought a boat not long ago we thought it would funny to get him a silly book of what the old sayings mean, things like 'Ahoy you landlubber' and 'Oi Limey' etc, it got a laugh anyhow!
and this is Kieth, Paul's step Dad - he's off in Cyprus with Margaret at the moment so he had to make do with a text I'm afraid!

and last but not least - my Dad, Alan. Dad passed away in 2000. I miss him dearly, he was my Dad and my best friend, we spoke at least 3 times a day on the phone, and I know that he would be looking down on us now (or up maybe??!!) and smiling at all we have achieved.

So then Guys - Happy Fathers Day - you know we love you all very much!

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