Friday, 11 April 2008

A Typical Friday Night?

Well maybe not a typical Friday night - the sun is streaming into the living room - you can't see the picture on the television and the dog is having a mad half hour. The sky is blue and all is right

with the world....

Why won't the stupid dog do this when we have to brush him!

Anyway back in the real world, there are boxes around my living room that need to be dealt with. On Tuesday evening we went to collect the sink/vanity that we had ordered a couple of weeks ago and the boxes had not moved since then. Paul decided that now was the right time to start building it together. Forget the fact that it was gone 8pm and I was trying to watch Storm Chasers (sad I know), but he said it had to be done now!

And so it begins...

Then Fred wants to get involved...

Where did this go again?

Oh there!

How am I doing he says! Right in line of the tellie I say!

Bored now dad - and isn't it upside down anyway? - My dog is so clever!

Told you dad - I've even done the legs for you.

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