Monday, 7 April 2008

Snow???? Not in Cornwall...

So, when we decided to make the move from Birmingham to Cornwall, we thought, Blue skies, sunshine every day. yeah Right.... soon enough the locals put us right on that front.

This is Cornwall now Jo, only ever get rain 'ere. If we are lucky April and September may be dry.

Fantastic! Great! Smashing! Then to top it all they said - 'Oh No - we never get any snow here'

Well looky here - they were proved wrong. OK it was only for about an hour, then the skies went back to the lovely blue and the sun started to shine. I even washed the '5' this afternoon when I got in from work. Paul nearly passed out when I told him, but having said that, I have advised that, I have now fulfilled my car washing obligations for the next12 months, so don't expect it to happen again!.
Anyway - this is what we woke up to before the sun started to shine...

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