Saturday, 19 April 2008

Microwave Madness..

Well the microwave stopped working yesterday morning - it was awful - I had to boil my milk in a pan! SOOO spoiled aren't I!

As we only bought it in November it is thankfully covered under the warranty, so first thing this morning off we went to Falmouth for a visit to our favourite "Happy to Help" store. (I'm getting good at not mentioning store names now aren't I!)

True to their word , as always, we got our refund and swapped it for another food zapper. The relief was great I can assure you - it's amazing how you come to rely on these things, the time you save cooking with them allows you to spend more time doing other useless stuff that you don't really need to do but, now can fit into your day - Brilliant!

We got back and had a dirty great big fry up, with the baked beans done in the microwave - of course!

I have to practice the perfect breckie for Karen, Dave and Emma - they are visiting us on the May Bank holiday weekend- and I have to say I really can't wait. I'm so excited at all of the places we can take them and the things we can show them, then I have to rein myself in and remind myself that they are only here for 2 and a half days!

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