Saturday, 19 April 2008

Go to the Mattresses - as the Godfather said.

As a result of buying wonderful new large items for your home there are always, it seems, consequences...

In point of fact, one very large double mattress that we now have in our possession that we no longer need, or require. Now 3 weeks ago this would not have been a problem as we still had the wonderful and much loved passion wagon, however, now it seems to be a worry and a wonder if we can actually make Pash MkII work for us in just as efficient a way as it's predecessor.

Well, see for yourself.
Yes, it did take some pretty tricky moves, as in where to sit in just to right place to keep the fold still, and it also took some brute force from Paul when it came to strapping it together, but what we ended up with was an awful lot more confidence in Pash MkII than we ever thought that we would.

Not only did the old mattress fit, but so did an old office chair that Paul broke the seat on (Don't ask) and a DVD player that had bitten the dust.

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