Thursday, 4 February 2010

Problems with PC and therefore Blog

I've been having problems with my blog and PC, as you will have found out if you tried to log and on check out the lastest news in the last few days.

In an effort to fix it, I locked it to visitors whilst I played around.  Needless to say this did not work.

I have emailed all of my followers through contact folllower, and explained what is going on, however I'm not sure if this email arrived to anyone, because of the problems I am having.

I have generated a brand new email address and added it to my profile.  Please contact me by clicking on this link, to advise if you can:

a) still see my blog
b) received my email (which may have gone straight to spam - please check)
c) did not get my email originally
d) not able to post a comment

I would like to confirm that this was not a virus on my PC/Laptop, and responding will not affect your own PC in any way

I look foward to hearing from you soon

1 comment:

considerthelillies said...

I can see it! I know how frustrating these technical problems can be! We had a computer virus after Christmas and had to torment our poor son in law who is a computer genius!