Monday, 7 December 2009

Paul's Pain

Paul was still in immense pain this morning when we awoke, so I told him that I would be calling Nigel to book him in for some realignment.

Nigel is the Osteopath that comes to our work to ensure that people are kept fit and not having to take un-necessary time off with pain that could be prevented if treated immediately.

He has been qualified for 30 years and really knows his stuff. I know, as he has treated my back on a number of occasions, and always reduces the pain to zero in one visit, despite it being a chronic problem that I have had for a number of years.

We drove down to St Ives for a 6.30 appointment, and Nigel welcomed us with open arms.

He took some medical histories from Paul who explained that this was an injury that had happened about 6 years ago, but had reared it's head after doing some heavy lifting at work recently.

He then did some basic tests - reflex, cardiac, blood pressure (which was a little high), and a few other things to give him an idea if everything was as it should be.

Then the hard work began. Nigel began to manipulate, pull and push various part of Paul's back, arms, legs and buttocks, with a few ow's coming from Paul's mouth and a few 'Was that you? LOL' comments from Nigel.

Finally, he pronounces that the results were the best they could be for the severity of his injury, but that he will be sore tomorrow.

We booked him in for next Monday for, hopefully, a final realignment, and paid Nigel the reduced price that he had given us as a friends and family discount.

Paul was amazed, as he already felt loads better.

Of course, all I could say was - "I told you so"

Nigel has wonderful hands!


matron said...

A good osteopath and therapist are worth their weight in gold. I swear by mine,Dermot, sorts out my back in a 30min session which keeps me going for ages.Hope Pauls pain is now relieved.

PS I love your little dog,he/she looks so cute,I say little because we have an Irish Wolfhound,which makes any other dog look small.

Bug said...

Glad he is feeling better. Don't you just love being able to say "Told you so" HAHA, I do!!

Sage said...

Had some good news this morning, will explain more on Friday evening xx

Joanne said...

Thanks Ladies, and I can't wait to hear Sage x

Lori E said...

I could just have signs printed up to raise every time I could say that.
Joanne your comment on my site is hilarious and I think we could organize a blogger gift exchange next year and you could send that one out to someone. Of course we would have to remove your comment so no one would know where it came from. Lol.

melanie said...

is he feeling better now?

Joanne said...

100% thanks Mel x