Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day 2009

After an early start, where we watched Fred play with his new 'bear' toy that he got from Hamish, and bury his jumbone from his Nanny in the fabric covers of the sofa, we headed on over to see Jannah Beth, Mel and Denise.
We had a lovely time over there, and managed to actually get JB to open a couple of presents - she is the only teenager I know who can limit herself to one gift opening per hour!
Then it was back home to collect Fred and head on over to Portreath for our usual Christmas Day stroll on the beach.
He and Hamish had a grand time, and even met a little miniature Schnauzer named Milo, who was only 15 weeks old. They all made friends instantly.
They were also the only ones with tinsel on their collars.... amazing, last year all the dogs on the beach were wearing something Christmassy

It was a beautiful day, and certainly much warmer than last year.
It was then home and a little snoozette on the sofa before cooking the turkey dinner for our evening meal.

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