Saturday, 19 September 2009

BAH Here We Come

It's Saturday.

I took Fred for his hair cut this morning, and having been up since 5am fretting about whether he would get so stressed he would be a nuisance for Helen, I needn't have worried!

Sandra, Helen's friend came along too, and she has these spooky doggy whispery powers and kept him quite calm and happy, whilst his coat was cut and his dew claws trimmed..... Amazing!

He now looks very handsome, and I needn't have worried.

I walked through the front door at home at 11.05am, followed by Paul at 11.09am....... "Want to go to our caravan?" I asked....... "OK" he said.

A mad half hour of grabbing underwear, and strapping his bike to the back of the car, and we headed off up the A39 Atlantic Highway towards Somerset.

The weather was steaming hot, the sky blue, and Fred sound asleep on the back seat.

We soon arrived, then it was relaxation time before tomorrows drive back and Mondays return to work..... A walk was in order first though...

A really lovely impromptu weekend... now back to the grindstone


melanie said...

impromptu stuff is always the best..people need to do more stuff like that...just get in the car and go!! love it..x

Bug said...

Impromptu weekend sounds so much fun, I haven't had one for awhile. Too much blog planning, lol.