Monday, 13 July 2009

Talk about avid blogger.

Having written up Saturday’s blog on a word document, I found it imperative to find someone daft enough to have their broadband connection enabled to any user, so that I could download it onto my latest post.

The reason for this – you cannot get a signal by dongle at the caravan. We are in a dead zone.

We drove around Minehead for ages, just to see if I could find a connection – all in the aid of an updated blog!

We decided that this was rather cheeky and despite finding about 3 or 4 wireless connections that were enabled to anyone, I could not bring myself to do it!

I know what you are all thinking – you’re on holiday girl, you should be relaxing, not on the lap top all day, and certainly not trying to get a WiFi connection.

Well in actual fact I’ve only been on the laptop for about half an hour in total, and I miss it!!!!

Will update you again as soon as I can



jordiegirl said...

Hi Jo

You sound just like me. I'd do the same, drive around to find a wi-fi connection I could use then not do it as I would feel guilty too!!!!

What are we like! Too honest I suppose, it's the way we were brought up, some people wouldn't think twice about using something that belonged to someone else!

Joanne said...

I know never mind, at least we can admit we cannot bring ourselves to be dishonest even when the temptation is there - God bless McDonalds is all I can say! LOL