Wednesday, 17 June 2009

New Design? Part Deux

OK so it isn't the 1940/50's inspired look I was hoping for, (see Mama Syder, Destination 1940 or Strawberry Koi in my favourite blogs list), as I had a terrible job trying to find a background and pictures that I like and that would not 'copy' these inspirational guys.
Needless to say - it has changed, albeit only by a small amount, ie a new banner, background and music added. (You can shuffle this and have a listen to some of the tunes I have chosen, most of them harping back to my teens during the 80's!)
I have also added some favourite things lists down the right hand banner - If you know me well enough, you will understand the fascination with CSI and Forensics - I am still hankering after training to be a forensic criminologist, but at £4.5k for a 2 year full time college course its a big no go at the moment!
Anyway, I digress, back to the blog....I wish that I could come up with something a little more vintage, needless to say I am still on the case and any suggestions would be gratefully received.
In the meantime enjoy and let me know what you think - and guys - that does not mean by text, phone or email!!!!

1 comment:

melanie said...

I love the new style, if you arent quite happy with it you will ply around with it until youve found what you are looking for. Bit like life really!!!
I had a look at the mama syders site, made me smile, great design and pics!