Thursday, 11 December 2008

Secret Santa

Duncan arranges our Secret Santa at work every year, and this year the girls on reception decided to join in the fun.

Basically we have to fill a shoe box with presents to the value of £6 or over. The fun bit is trying to wrap a shoebox inside and out so that you have a posh box to put all of the other wrapped gifts into!

Normally we use the training room to set up Santa's Grotto - Kitsch blow up Christmas tree and all - to place the gifts around and have a mass present giving ceremony.
Unfortunately this year the training room was needed last minute so we had to make do with a trolley in the laundry room - Not quite the same effect unfortunately especially as you could only get 10 at a time on!

Mandy has an envelope with who did each of our shoe boxes and we don't get to find out until after Christmas - Boo Hoo.
Can't wait to open mine though!

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