Thursday, 25 December 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas morning came around finally - and Fred must have known..... as soon as I came downstairs Fred went to his parcel under the tree, got all excited and wanted to open it!

With a little help from his Daddy, and lots of tail wagging....

He finally got his stocking from Nanny open.

Then it was time to help Mommy with hers!

and Daddy with his....

There were certainly lots of lovely gifts from our friends and family.

It was then time for a troll over to Perranporth to see JB and watch her open her pressies from us...

I received a new friend as you can see - his name is Dylan Bear!

We stopped off and collected Fred on the way home and went on to Portreath to see Sally-Ann, Mike and Hamish. We had promised the boys a Christmas Day romp on the beach together, and arranged to swap gifts at the same time.

After Dinner, which we ended up getting at about 2.45 after all of the excitement of the morning, it was time to relax - Fred was still in his Xmas bow-tie and looked very handsome....

Then is was time for a snuggle with Mommy before flaking out on the end of the couch.
Life is so hard when you are a spoiled little doggie!

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