Sunday, 30 November 2008

To dry or not to dry, That is the question

I decided today that I was fed up of the rain and did not want to have to trek down the garden to get to the tumble drier in the garage, just so that I could get a load of washing dry, especially as the grass is now nearly all mud!

In our old house, we used to have the freezer in the cupboard under the stairs and it worked quite well, so I told, yes TOLD, Paul that I wanted to do that here too TODAY!

Paul being the good soul that he is, just rolled his eyes and got on with it for me.

We emptied all of the camping gear and tents out (where these will now go is anybodies guess) to make room for the freezer....

Fred decided that it was safer at this point to stay well away and hope that it would all be over soon!

Once the freezer was in situe I was really pleased not only do I now have room for my dryer in the kitchen but I can also put Fred's games and towels etc on top of the freezer in the cupboard, hence giving me some more much needed cupboard space back in the kitchen - so far so good....

We placed the dryer in the old freezer space in the kitchen and lifter the fridge back on top of it, and then Paul got inspired and said we could use the useless cat flap that the old house owners had kindly left us for the venting pipe - even better!
I placed one of the 4 wet loads of washing I had in waiting into the dryer and felt very please with myself.

An hour later, it transpires that my lovely 12 year old dryer had given up the ghost and was not getting warm, and definitely not drying the clothes - B*****ks!

It's now too late in the day on a Sunday to go out in the search of a new one so the wet clothes will have to wait until tomorrow, when I can do a reckie at the local electrical store....


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