Friday, 14 November 2008

Stuff & Nonsense...

Paul had more pains on Tuesday but we got it all under control and now that we know it's nothing sinister were able to get him through the worst of it.

Fred had his hair cut on Wednesday and is now really handsome, he did cause Auntie Helen some aggravation with all of his wriggling though and she has asked us to get him some knock out tablets for next time so that he is chilled out and amicable! We will try some of Hamish's tablets that were bought for fireworks night and see how he gets on next time!

Had a lovely late afternoon/early evening on Portreath beach today - Fred and Hamish raced up and down enjoying the freedom and we dodged the waves as the tide came in. Lovely. We topped it off with a Chinese takeaway - Yum!

and finally..... Just been chatting with my friend Pauline on facebook - Hi chick - lovely to "speak" to you.....

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