Saturday, 22 November 2008

Seal Sanctuary Visit

We decided last night to go the the Seal Sanctuary today. We had been promising ourselves for ages.
I checked out their website and it said that dogs were welcome too, so Fred happily came along too.

He was fascinated to begin with. He watched the seals. The seals watched him. But he was so good. No cries or woofs just excited sniffs.

The whole area is set along the Gweek river estuary. The scenery is beautiful and it was like following a lovely nature walk through the woods in some parts, especially down by the Otters Creek.
Some of the tanks that housed the seals had viewing areas below so that you could come eye to eye with these gorgeous animals.
After an hour and a half strolling around the seal sanctuary we headed off, and decided to continue on down to Lizard Point as we were only 10 miles from there anyway.

The scenery was wonderful, even if it was a little breezy, but as you can see the skies were blue and it was a fairly warm 10 degrees according to the cars digital thingy!

The Lizard is quite a way down and the countryside is quite different to any other that I have seen in Cornwall before. It was quite strange to see the open flat fields and low stone walls.
After stopping at the Lizard, we headed home via Hayle. Parking up on the estuary at Philp's.
Everyone had told us that we had not eaten a Cornish pasty until we had had one from Philps' in Hayle. It was a case of stuff the diet and stuff our faces instead. Mmmmmmmm


sally-ann said...

Looks like you had a great day - hope you used a voucher from the West Briton for entry! Paul - naughty, naughty! What happened to your diet??!!! :-)

Joanne said...

Yes we did use our voucher - well 2actually so got in for a fiver! Felt guilty that not enough money was going towards the upkeep of the lovely seals though, so bought a guide for £4 and a fridge magnet for £2 to ease the concience a bit x