Monday, 20 October 2008

Spent My Birthday Money Karen x

Got in to work on my first day back after my holidays (boo hoo) and had a nice surprise.

The Liz Earle face and body stuff I ordered had been delivered. I was in need of some more and went onto the website to order it only to find that QVC were doing a TSV on the following weekend.

Now I love a bargain and knew that the glorious Cleanse and Polish would be in the kit so I waited until the Saturday and ordered it.
It was well worth it - there are loads of her products included that I have not used before and am now wondering how I managed without them.

Liz Earle is a marvel - Advert Over Sorry!!!

Then I got my birthday money from you, Karen and Dave and that was just the amount that I needed. So thanks guys, you're the best, I now look beautiful and calm and radiant - and not in the least bit 40 !! LOL!

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