Saturday, 4 October 2008

Bits and Bobs and Fretting about being 40!

I got this in the post this morning - Not content with knowing that I'm 40 in a few days time - a certain someone (Phillip!!! I know it's you!!!) has decided that the post man should know too. AAAAHHHH!

Meanwhile, Paul is still doing the midlife crisis bit and has had his 2nd tattoo - a Celtic band around his upper arm. It is supposed to represent the sea/waves, now that we live so close to the beach.

I have to admit I do quite like this one....... Oh my god does this mean I'm mellowing with age?


Anonymous said...

Can you prove it was him though? It could have been Jamie

Joanne said...

Lets just say - from one cheeky monkey to another - Yep I KNOW!!!!

Cuteluc said...

Hello, I'm still reading your blog! Don't worry about being 40! My mum was 40 last year (she will kill me for writing this!) But when it actaully came to her birthday, she had so many presents she forgot about being 40! And as she always says "Life begins at 40!"

Joanne said...

Thanks for that cuteluc - I don't know whether I feel better about being 40, but I did get loads of pressies and can confirm it helps!