Tuesday, 7 October 2008

40 Today!

This feels like a bit of an epic milestone for me.

I have struggled and struggled at the prospect of being 40. I have to say though everyone has made my day so lovely.
Firstly my gorgeous husband bought me some of my favourite jewellery (Cornish Silver) with my birth stone - opal in it, along with some other lovely surprises.

Fred had great fun helping me open some of the gifts I had been given before hand, from china mugs, to crafting sets, to mint imperials and liquorice - mmmmm and all this at 6.30 this morning whilst getting ready for work!

On arriving at work I found that the office had been decorated over night with balloons and banners for me, so that anyone that did not already know I was 40 today soon did. The worrying part was that the factory manager thought I was 50! Cheeky bleeder!

Gradually as everyone started arriving for their shifts (I start before all of the others), my desk was filled with cards and gifts, and then at lunchtime a huge bouquet of flowers from Mandy and Mike. I feel so lucky to work with all of these lovely people, and thank them so much for making my day special.

As for family, I am overwhelmed - I have had huge sums of money given to me to spend on myself, and can promise faithfully that it will be spent very frivolously! Thank you so much.

Tonight, Paul is doing a steak dinner for me, which I'm really looking forward to, and we shall probably follow this with a stroll on the beach.

If this is what 40 is like roll on the next 9 years, I can cope with this!


sally-ann said...

Happy Birthday! Looks as if you've had a good one xx

Allycat said...

HAPPY BIRHTDAY JO!!! Sounds like you are celebrating in wonderful style and are getting vey spoilt indeed!

Joanne said...

Thanks guys -Yes I've had a great day and I was definitly spoiled - Big Time!

Cuteluc said...

Happy Birthday for 20 days ago!!! Glad to see you had a great day, even though you were at work! What did i tell you it would be fine, being 40 and having tons of gifts!!! happy birthday again!

Joanne said...

Yep def one of the best birthdays I've had so far x