Saturday, 27 September 2008

Saturday Success at Last!!!

Today we spent the afternoon re-driving the run we had laid out a few weeks ago for the 5 drive in November that we said we would do.

Panic set in as we received the bi-monthly magazine and newsletter this morning, to find that we are now in print in the mag for the whole of the 5 Club throughout Britain to read. We can't back out now - that's it we are truly tater'ed!

The first half went not too badly with just a few alterations to my scribble - we stopped off at Marazion to catch a breath - as it was so warm still - and watch the sun set.

Then off we went again to finish the drive - after many changes and arguments (again) we managed to complete it - now to get it all translated onto Visio!!!


Margaret said...

Looks Beautiful down there - remember that lovely view very well, glad you managed to complete your run. Bet you're glad you don't have to plan one too often!!Lots of love Mom x

Joanne said...

Yes we are very glad indeed - just need to run it again with the typed up notes to see if they make sense!