Friday, 12 September 2008

Random Mutterings....

Thanks to those of you who acknowledged me on facebook - and if there is anyone to blame for all of this it's you Ally! I was reading your blog and checking out the ones you read regularly (thanks for adding mine by the way) when I noticed your My Facebook link.

Well need I say more ...... despite doing it all wrong and setting myself up as living in a network area in some obscure burb of New York I finally managed it..... now I can't work out how to use the blinkin' thing! Apologies to everyone who gets random words attached here and there I HAVEN'T A CLUE! What's a tag by the way???? DOH!

Anyway the dilemma of the bedroom carpet has finally been resolved - Having bought it all over again after the people did a runner with our money and carpet it has finally been fitted today by a very reputable company - and I'm chuffed to bits. It feels like upstairs is finally finished now!

Fred has just been back to the vet, who has given him the all clear - I could have told him that by the amount of barking he's doing! Now he can be bathed - Fred not the Vet!

It's raining again - we were going to go over to Falmouth tonight to see the Fireworks to start the Tallships 500 run to Funchal but don't think it's a good idea. May be able to get over the Lands End and watch them sail around tomorrow - just to say I've seen them really....

That's all folks! catcha l8tr TTFN (Sorry couldn't resist using text talk there'a a whole argument on the BBC about it at the mo!)

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