Monday, 8 September 2008

How much is that doggy......

Well in this case 30 quid!

My poor little bow wow is not well.

He woke us up on Sat/Sun at 02.45 scratching at the kitchen door for us to come down to him. Very unusual for Fred. I went storming down the stairs, like any normal mother would, to find he'd been sick twice and was dancing to go in the garden. I let him out and he just lay there in the middle of the lawn looking very forlorn and sorry looking.

After cocking his leg a couple of times he came back in.

I put him back to bed and went back upstairs - 10 minutes later he did the same - this time we both came down with the duvet as he was sick in the garden when I let him out again.

we settled him down on our laps for an hour and he looked good so went up to bed finally.

On waking up early on Sunday morning and coming to check on him, it had got worse - this time projectile from each end if you get my drift.... thank god for wet vacs and laminate floors!

We had plans for the day with the fivers - I sent Paul off to enjoy the day and I stayed with Fred.

He perked up and wasn't too bad during the day, but then the same thing happened during the night on Sun/Mon and the wet vac came out again on Monday morning before work.

I called the vet and got him in for the afternoon and in the meantime our friends looked in on him during the morning to make sure all was well. I finished work early as I was so worried and got him to the vets on time.

The long and short of it is that he has a viral infection and is on antibiotics and antacids! The things you do for your best friend!

Thankfully he is looking so much better and the fact that he is barking at nothing in particular once more is a good thing.... I think!

Feel better soon baby boy, more so because you stink and need a bath now!

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