Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sunny Sunday

Amazingly today dawned bright and breezy considering it was a Bank Holiday Sunday.
Unfortunately I don't have the benefit of taking tomorrow off work as, in our industry there are no Bank Holidays, barring Christmas Day and Boxing Day, that are conformed with. Business as usual sort of thing!
All the more reason I was glad of nice weather - it means a day out with friends and family.
We had originally planned to go to a working farm show in Marazion, the plan being to win the novelty dog show between Fred, Hamish and Ozzie, however after driving around for 2 hours we gave up trying to find it, only to finally get someone to answer the contact telephone number and find it was cancelled!
Plan B was to go up to Godrevy and walk the dogs and eat our picnic on the cliff top. Well done for that suggestion Jamie, it turned out great....
We saw 6 or 7 seals swimming in the bay and sunning themselves whilst doing back stroke - if you look hard enough you can see them here....

We then walked on up the headland with the 3 dogs on leads at this point - it would only take for an interesting smell and they would be over the side and down the drop!

Then it was a stop in front of the lighthouse for timed group photos and fun with the kiddies

Followed by food of the highest standard - you know the hand bag/picnic variety - a little bit warm but really, really good.

As we relaxed in the sunshine this Royal Navy helicopter flew by with all on board giving us a cheerful wave!
A ropey start to the morning but a fab finish to a lovely day.

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