Sunday, 3 August 2008

Mount Edgecumbe 2008

The day dawned cold, wet and windy - Blooming typical.
Today we have the last of the car shows that we are booked in to attend and we were hoping to get a lovely day like we got last week. No chance.
We ummed and ahh'd about whether to cancel and stay at home, but knew full well we would have been gutted if everyone that went had good weather once they got up country to Plymouth.
And so, with wellington boots and weather proof trousers in the boot of the car we set off with high hopes for better weather later in the day.
It was not to be....... Some of the drive up there was dry but he closer we got the darker the sky got.
We just had time to help on setting up the stands gazebo and the heavens opened again then it was a mad dash to get a spot under the dry canopy!
Just after this the skies let up for a short time and one of our members arrived in convoy with her husband, who was joining the Austin stand. Mike was lucky enough to drive it from the 5 stand to the Austin stand with Richard watching closely from the passenger seat!

Whilst it was a little drier we had a wander and got a few pic's with the lovely grounds of Mount Edgcumbe featured.

Now as most of you know, Paul never smiles in photo's, but I've discovered that a little saucy commentary soon changes that!
Anyway we went off back to the stand and had our lovely tikka salad wraps that I had lovingly made that morning and decided then that it had gone a little chilly and a Hot Chocolate was in order to warm us up...
We had a wander back to the stand again and did our recruiting bit for a chap interested in joining the club and then as the heavens opened again decided to call it a day. We hadn't done badly as we had survived to 3pm.
The traffic on the way out was really heavy and the rain hammered down....

A very wet and windy 2 hours later we finally got home to a relieved Fred who was plaiting his legs to go out - after a few minutes fuss from Daddy and Mommy of course!


Margaret said...

Look, Jo- success at last!!!! Like the photos on this section - what did you say to paul to make him smile?

Joanne said...

Well done Mom!
Can't tell you what I said as firstly it's a trade secret and secondly he's your son and I said naughty things to him!