Sunday, 29 June 2008

Sunday - It can only get better

So having spent the morning on and off, in bed, as each time I got up I could not get warm, and dosing myself up with good old Beechams Powders, I actually feel as if I'm returning to the land of the living again.

I can cope with a cold - no problem, but when I have a sore throat I am such a baby, and that seems to be easing of now so fingers crossed that it will continue to go in this direction and I have shifted the bug that Nikki still has after a fortnight, in only 72 hours.

I may be optimistic here but, if I'm well enough to blog it's got to be good - RIGHT???


sally-ann said...

Keep taking the tablets and make sure you're well for next weekend! :-) x

Joanne said...

Thanks - am already feeling loads better - at least I'm up and dressed and wanting food!