Monday, 23 June 2008

More Cards

After yesterdays card making extravaganza - (and let me tell you the girls did all the hard work, after 2 glasses of wine I gave up at after the first card!) I was in the mood to really make cards when I got in from work this afternoon.

I pulled the little table that Paul had made for me, in front of the sofa and surrounded myself with crafty stuff. I put Princess Daisy on the DVD (Slushy mush I know) but I proceeded to have a really nice few hours and had about 7 really lovely cards to show for it.

As it is Elaine's (from work) birthday tomorrow I had a go at some decoupage and was really pleased with the results despite taking ages to do.

This is the one I made for Elaine - It turned out so well, I decided to do some variations on it:

I was on a bit of a roll at this point only for Paul to come in from work and I realised what the time was!

Better make some supper!

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