Sunday, 8 June 2008

Another day of DIY.

This is where things start to go backwards so you may be a little confused.
Now that the layout etc was what we wanted in the bathroom we had to do the finishing touches ie floor and new bath panel.
For the floor to go down we decided that it would be a better finish if we took everything out and then put it back on the top of the floor rather than cut around everything. So out came the sink and loo for the umpteenth time...

The bath panel gets put into place and the lino goes down

Meanwhile in the bedroom, I am starting on the paint job I always wanted.
It may sound daft but for the last 16 years of marriage I've always wanted a white bedroom.
Paul has been adamant that it would never happen. Don't get me wrong he's quite a laid back bloke on most stuff but pastel colours, bright colours, autumn colours and white are not featured in his decorating dreams. This of course means a battle every time I want to change a room and once I've taken matters into my own hands Paul will usually stand back and say - actually you were right I like that, why did we not do it sooner!

So I took to removing the really boring but temporary necessity of El Cheapo cream paint that we put up not even a year ago when we moved in, and replacing it will my beloved white.

As the wardrobe (- all hail to the wardrobe - when you haven't had one for 12 months they are a marvel of technology that are the stuff of dreams - trust me,) will be arriving on Wednesday the carpet can come up too. My new carpet can go down just as soon as the wardrobe is erected and fixed into place.
With the bathroom and our bedroom just about finished that will complete the whole of the upstairs re-vamp. Not bad for just over a year in here I think.
The next job will have to be the garden before we do the kitchen and lounge room!

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Allycat said...

Ohh I so know what you mean about men and paint decisions! I am suffering through the same experiece! I also love the idea of white - it is so crisp and clean and perhaps I would choose it also if I didn't have a one year old terrorizing the place!