Friday, 27 June 2008

I'll Kill Nikki!

So, as you know we are off on Holiday next Friday.

3 nights camping at Powderham Castle with the car club, followed by the rest of the fortnight up at our Blue Anchor Hideaway.

Well for the last coupla weeks I've been giving Nikki a lift to work. She had a really nasty riding accident and broke her leg in all manner of places and had some pretty serious surgery on it.

Needless to say after about 16 weeks off work she was itching to get back but still not allowed to drive.

I've done the dutiful friend bit, and what does she do to me - gives me an almighty cold - in time for my hols - Great eh.

The best bit is, I was tannoying someone at work and she fell through the door crying laughing because I sounded so funny with only half of a squeaky voice, trying to make myself heard over the machinery!

I have to say she is very apologetic, and I can't really be cross with her, it's about right for me to be poorly before a decent holiday.

At least the managers and staff at work have found it funny!

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