Saturday, 3 May 2008

Lets Party!

The DJ was playing tunes from the 80's, along with the Dirty Dancing Sound Track.
What can I say, when Karen and I are together it doesn't matter if we have a drink or not.... we DANCE.

Is this a family gathering or the new band for the Eurovision song competition?

Well actually, dancing is not what Jannah and her friends thought we did, but hey we live to embarrass her as much as possible in these family party situations! Little sisters are so gullable!

Not quite drunk yet but not looking too great either, here are Paul and I looking quite strange!
And Karen and Paul looking quite normal

Excellent food and a general great atmosphere, so not a bad night out at all, even if the bones are likely to ache tomorrow after the antics on the dance floor!

We decided that a full family picture was in order so here goes!

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