Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Time Flies

Well, I cannot believe it, but tomorrow will be the 12 month anniversary of when we moved from Birmingham to Cornwall.

There were many people who told us we must be mad to give up our long standing jobs (Paul was in his for 17 years and I was in mine for 7 and a half), and move 300 miles away to an area we knew little about, apart from holidays etc, and with no job prospects.

Well na na na na nah!!!!! we showed 'em all!

Not only do we have a lovely home. We also have great jobs that we are really settled in, fabulous new friends and we are 4 miles from the beach and amazing coastline.


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Allycat said...

Well it seems people are having anniversaries everywhere! Congratulations - A sea-change made good! BTW I love the pic of Freddie on the kitchen chair - there is no way my Shilo could jump up on one - he's far too fat! lol