Sunday, 20 April 2008

I Need You Nigel. NOW!

Right, for those of you who don't know, I damaged my back a few years ago, Sacra Illiak Muscle (Not sure that's how you spell it though) and after many many months of pain it finally healed up. Well stopped hurting so much anyway.

Since then I have always been a bit cautious with certain things, just in case, so to speak, however sometimes I manage to set the pain off again.

Not long after I started my job, just such an occurrence happened. As we had just employed a chiropractor to assist staff with just such an occasion, I tested him out so to speak.

What can I say, Nigel has magic hands!

He says that I have some pretty serious damage happening down there and it's quite long standing, however he can stave off the effects with the occasional visit to him.

After the first 3 trips I told him I was cured. He said not likely, and that he would keep my notes with him just in case! There's confidence!

We actually all that time ago, it seems he was right. 6 weeks ago I got out of the '5' and the pain hit. It then took 3 weeks to get an appointment with Nigel, as he is now very busy with a number of the other 750 people at work.

He did his magic and for a day I felt great. It then started to go down hill again.

Let me just say that today I feel C**P. I've now used half a tube of Deep Heat cream since Friday night, and I NEED YOU NIGEL.

Am booked in for his next visit so will keep you posted on the agony that is back pain.

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Cuteluc said...

Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog!
I hope your back begins to feel better soon, it sounds very painful! :(
The background on my blog was really easy to get, so go and have a look, she has tons!!!
Keep up the great blog!! I will be reading it again soon!! And I'll link your blog on mine!:)