Monday, 14 April 2008

I Hate DIY Stores

So, I've had to leave it this long to rant because I was that cross I would have said some very naughty words!

6 weeks ago we ordered what we thought was a very nice wardrobe from a very well know very 'orange' home improvements store.... get my drift so far?

We were told that we could specify AM or PM for delivery, great we thought that will fit around my shifts wonderfully, so no need for time off work. We did not give the order to any of their competitors because they could not give us a time specific delivery.

Anyway, we are supposed to be getting delivery on Wednesday of this week according to my order sheet, so I called the contact centre, to make sure that the PM that we had requested was in fact going to happen.

NO NO NO they want to deliver am!

I then proceeded to have a very in depth and verbal conversation with the pleb on the other end of the phone who said they could rebook the delivery for me, but it would be another 6 week wait - Yes 6 weeks despite it being in their warehouse now, and then she could not guarantee that it would be delivered on a PM delivery.

What a bloody pain in the a**e, and talk about jobs worth's.

Having spoken the the local store to see if they would accept delivery for me (No we won't do that in case you get it damaged - then we would have to take the blame!) I told the pleb that she could stick the order and credit me my money back - I did think that this would help her to see sense and give me the PM delivery that I was promised, but NO! I got a credit.

I certainly will not be doing business with this company again for anything other than the usual take away with you stuff that you need at a moments notice.

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