Sunday, 13 April 2008

A Drive around the Devon and Cornwall Borders

Today was a '5' run. We had a couple of new cars turn up, as they had seen our local website and wanted to join the club so we ended up with 16 cars.

As we knew it would be a very long day (we were joining the start of the run at Jamaica Inn, an hours drive from home) we decided that Fred should come along for the ride - off course he was thrilled to be included and as always, jumped up on my lap and sat watching the cars in front of us. Such a good little chap he is.

I reckon he was definitely up to be designated driver - don't you think!

Anyway - after driving for most of the day, it was decided to start heading back home after a small coffee stop in Looe, where we had a wander and Fred wowed the residents with his charms and good looks - obviously.

On the way home he decided that he had had enough of keeping my lap warm and wanted to curl up and sleep in the foot well - no mean feat I can assure you in a sports car!

Soon the eyes started to droop and then....

Out cold!

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